Fa-la-la-llama! A Felt Sewing Pattern and Instructions for your Holiday Crafting Delight

Scroll to the bottom for my video tutorial!

Sometimes we all crave a quick and fun little project that let’s us get the creativity moving and grooving just a little bit. You know the kind: “I don’t really want to make a huge mess” (that rules out making those delicious 20 ingredient cookies you saw on Pinterest…) or that “I have a free afternoon, what do I do with myself?” (“and the kids, what do I do with the kids?!”)

Enter: my Fa-la-la-Llama felt sewing project! 

Ain’t she the cutest?! 

She’s inspired by everyone’s most favorite well dressed llama’s, Peruvian llamas! 

How majestic and colorful! 

stylin’, baby.

I am a very big fan of cute, well dressed animals. Peruvians have kept llamas as livestock for thousands of years, and it’s obvious why: they can wear the heck outta a pom pom! 

So if you aren’t a local friend of mine (hey there, Jersey Shore folks!) and you can’t make it to my felt llama ornament workshop on December 9th at the Asbury Park Christmas Bazaar I’m happy to share the free pattern and simple tutorial for this hand-sewn furball! 

The link to download the file is below: it’s a free pattern but you just need to add it to your cart and checkout to be able to download it!

Please reach out if you have any questions, I can be reached at [email protected]. And if you make your own, I’d love if you’d share it on social media and tag the shop: @julia_oldspoolsewing on instagram and Old Spool Sewing: Brielle NJ on Facebook! 

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