A Stitched Viewing and Studio Warming Party

A few weeks ago I finally was able to invite my family and friends over to the studio for a studio-warming party and a special Stitched viewing party! Because the TV show I was a contestant on is a Canadian based show and we’re hanging out down here in good ol’ New Jersey most of my friends were unable to watch me run around like a lunatic while being filmed. But lucky me, the production team sent me a private link to view the episode outside of Canada (if you’re within the borders of our great neighbor, Canada, you can watch all the episodes on Slice.ca) so I decided to make a night of it!

We packed my little 300 square foot studio and gratefully borrowed a projector from Patrick’s brother (thanks again, John!) and laughed at my antics together a few Saturdays ago. The night reminded me how lucky and grateful I should always be for the amazing support system I have surrounding me. From new friends I’ve met because they were my sewing students first to a wonderful group of women I’ve been lucky to grow up with, everyone made me feel so loved and special I can barely find words for it. 

Also, I didn’t cry! Not once! I got a little choked up when I went to say thanks to everyone for coming right before we watched my episode, but that was it. Mostly, I just felt that tell-tale warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you realize how lucky you are. 

Here’s a few more photos of friends and family from the night! 

Patrick and I are wearing all me-mades, of course! 

Can you believe Mandy knit her sweater? It’s amazing! 

Thanks again to all my friends who came from near and far that night to pop some champagne and make Old Spool officially open… you’re the best! 

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