The Notch & Swatch Youtube Channel is here!

It’s a long time coming- OK, maybe more like 8 months or so- but the Notch & Swatch Youtube Channel is finally live! Last Fall the Universe dropped the beautiful soul that is Brigitte Byrne on my Studio’s door step and we became instant friends. Sewing does that to people, ya know.

After we had spent a few times hanging out in the studio sewing together we both verbalized our hopes of being able to start a sewing focused YT channel in the future. B lead off by asking if she could use the studio to film, to which I enthusiastically replied, “what if we did it together?”

Well, as of the other day, the Notch & Swatch channel is up and running and our first video has been posted! It feels super strange to put yourself out there in this way, on Facebook and Instagram you’re able to edit and control yourself and your actions in a way you can’t hide in a vlog. Suddenly I’m aware of the funny hand gestures I make (I’m a NJ born and raised Italian American, what do you expect of me?) and how quickly I talk when I’m nervous!

But! and this is a big but (haha!) I am not going to apologize for my newbie-ness. B and I were discussing yesterday that we have nothing to be sorry for because we are beginners. Which is funny because I almost want to apologize to everyone I ask to watch it because it feels so amature and new. But, I teach for a living and constantly preach to my students to never, ever apologize for a mistake they made. Mistakes need to be made in order for us to learn! So today I learned the lesson that I need to also give myself grace to make mistakes and be a beginner. We all need to remember that!

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