Galentines Dreamcatcher Workshop Recap

After our first sold out adult craft workshop back in November, I invited my friend Jacki of the local handmade brand Tripsy Shop back to teach another dreamcatcher workshop! This past weekend we hosted a Valentines themed Sunday Brunch, complete with mimosas, home baked treats (all by Jacki, I’m far too busy these days too take a zen moment for myself to bake something sweet so I hit up the fancy Patisserie of Whole Foods for cinnamon buns) and we made moon shaped dreamies.

Snacks. Making things. Mimosas. Can’t really top it.

I always love hosting my creative maker friends at the studio so they have another way to share their passion. Jacki’s dreamcaters are crazy popular at all the local markets like the Asbury Bazaar or Makers Fest, so it’s no surprise her workshops are well attended as well!

Oh, and she’s just a delight of a human being, which doesn’t hurt either.

Here’a few snaps from the day by Jacki’s friend Walter Wall, a local photographer who was kind enough to hangout with us for a bit and document everyone’s finished pieces! I wish I could have him on staff over here, it would be so nice to have such great shots of my students regularly!

What I love the most about Jacki’s workshops is that there is no wrong way to make a dreamcatcher- everyone has their own style of decorating and no two end up the same. Some gravitate towards the bright colors (Jacki hand dyes all the fabric) others like to keep their palette muted and use only the slightest bit of colors. All of them turn out really beautiful!

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